• Iswitch with LCD
  • Iswitch with LCD
  • Iswitch with LCD
  • Iswitch with LCD
  • Iswitch with LCD
  • Iswitch with LCD

Iswitch with LCD

Containing multi-functions within wide variety of materials and colors, Imini
is preparing to take its place on stage with the latest technology of VATN
Screen. Lighting and thermostatic controls are performed simply on screen
as weel as the home modes. With integrated lighting and temperature
sensors it provides to command the places automatically.
Working with KNX bus voltage, it does not require a power source
Integrated temperature and humidity sensors
Integrated light sensor (1/64k Lux)
RGB status leds and blue steering leds
Up to 12 Configuration Buttons
Wide material and custom color options
Color theme and contrast can be defined via ETS
It can be used as stand-alone unit control room
Automatic proportional integral control
Room / living area adaptation
Mechanical buttons on the back of the screen

Teknik Bilgiler


Power  : Self powered (No need for external 30V DC supply)
Sensors  : Integrated Temperature / Humidity Sensor
   : Integrated Ambient Light Sensor (1 to 64k lux)
Display  : High contrast VA display
Lighting  : RGB status LEDs and blue navigation LED
Featuring  : Time dependent & Auto-adjusting dimming
   : (seperated LCD backlight and status LED dimming)
   : Can be used as Standalone Room Controller**
   : Automated PI Tuning Function***
Operating Voltage  : Operating Voltage over Bus 21 .. 32 VDC
   : Operating Voltage over RJ11* 12 VDC or 3.3V DC
   : Power Consumption from KNX~120 mW
Working Temperature  :  -5 .. +45 °C
Wall Mounting  : Ø 60 mm Flush Mount (Standard electrical wall mount box)

* This feature is valid if used with EIO.
** On demand
*** With this feature the device reads the acclimatization conditions and forms parameter itself.