To be able to control your lighting from Interra panel, or on your smart-device as if you simply do it by switch is just one of the comforts provided by Yönnet.

You can turn on/off and dim the lights, or light up your house by your own pre-defined scenarios as you please with KNX or Non-KNX solutions. 

You can also crank up the life quality at your house with special design switches.


What if the curtains in your room open while the blinds come to a perfect angle to wake you up in the morning, all automatically?

What if they adjust themselves automatically during the day according to weather and light conditions?

On top of that, what if they air-condition the place with less energy? All these are just a simple scenario of our curtain/blinds automation.

Full automatic curtains save energy while providing a comforting and healthy environment.

Interra EIO and Interra Combos are at your command for any kind of curtain control. 


Thanks to seperate thermostats, different temperature conditions could be provided in every room.

Weekly or monthly automatic programming feature contributes to energy saving.

Scenarios specific to certain time limits, or places, could keep ambient temperature constant at desired level.

Controls could be directly made through specially designed switches, wall-mounting touch screens, smart remotes, PCs, cell phones, or even iPads.


Remote controlling  feature provides both safety and comfort.

You can make surveillance of your life spaces from your smart devices by simultaniously connecting to cameras.

Any device you control at your house, you can also control remotely.

Your home is in your pocket via Interra mobile applications .


Our smoke detectors, heat detectors, flood sensors, and gas leakage detectors provide security against a possible fire, flood, or gas leakage.

Cameras placed to various spots make surveillence of life spaces via a PC or a smart device possible and are even able to record the stream.


Another feature distinguishing Interra panels from other systems is its IP-based intercom system. 

You can see who came to visit through Interra's 10.1" wide screen.

Opening the door, inter-calling your neighbours, reading through your messages & notifications are just some of the futuristic and unique technologies our system provides. 

You can see who stands on your doorway when you are not home from your smart devices, and even speak to them.


It is of utmost importance that the energy consumption levels are tracked, kept in check, and even turned to saving as much as possible.

Consumption levels in various areas of the building could be calculated via energy analyzers and studies could be made to cut down the consumption rates according to these data.

Motion or presence sensors could be used for controlling the lighting as you please.

Time-scenarios could be created to prevent overconsumption.

Any part of the system could be controlled through central controls, making it possible to create ideal conditions and make savings.


Yönnet redefines residences with its special software solutions. 

Our system that brings you all the residence services conducts your requests for cleaner, maintenance man, doctor, and so on, simultaniously.

You can make a SPA reservation, send your car to carwash, call a cab, and so many other daily life routines with only a single touch.